Half Elk Bundle




Our Half Elk package contains 86 pounds of meat. This will ship in 2, 18″ boxes.

Please call 1-888-788-7441 or email info@elkusa.com to order the half elk bundle.

The package will include:

2 lbs. Whole Tenderloin 11 lbs. Top Roasts
3 lbs. Ribeye Steaks 5 lbs. Bottom Round
3 lbs. New York Steaks 13 lbs. Chuck Roast and/or Steaks
3 lbs. Top Sirloin Steaks 2 lbs. Flat Iron Steak, Brisket, or Flank
6 lbs. Medallions 10 lbs. Stew Meat
14 lbs. Bulk Ground 14 lbs. 3/1 Patties


Items may be substituted based stock levels, in that case the the value of the bundle and the overall quantities of steak/roast/burger will be maintained.

Additional information

Weight 86 lbs