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Elk Sausage – A Flavorful Journey with Every Bite

Summer Sausage, Frozen Sausage, and Hot Dogs

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Elk Sausage Sampler

A Gold Mine treat of Elk sausages. Shipping weight ~20lbs. with Dry Ice/Gel Packs). The package will include:

2, Elk Summer Sausage, 10 oz. 1 lb. Elk Beer Bratwurst with Pepperjack Cheese (5 links)
1 lb. Elk Beer Bratwurst (4-5 links) 1 lb. Elk Bratwurst (5 links)
2 lbs. Elk Cheddar Bratwurst (5 links per lb.) 1 lbs. Elk Polish Sausage (1 lb packs)
2 lbs. Elk Smoked Bratwurst (5 links per lb.)
  Shipping weight ~20lbs. with 5lbs. Dry Ice).

Elk Sausage Sampler