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Shipment Days:

We do not recommend frozen package arrivals on Friday. Shipment day will be adjusted to ensure package doesn't arrive on a Friday.

Time in Transit Allowed for Frozen:

10 lbs. or less = 1 day.
11-25 lbs. = 2 days.
More than 25 lbs = 3 days.


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Shipping Options

If you have ordered less than 10 pounds of meat it can consistently stay frozen for 1 day in transit. Please select Next Day service unless Ground Shipping will have it to you in 1 day (Colorado Front Range).

10-25 pounds of meat will consistently stay frozen for 2 days in transit. Please select Next Day or 2nd Day Air unless Ground Shipping will have it to you in 2 days.

The estimated arrival date is assuming your order ships today. We do not allow frozen orders to ship over a weekend so that date may be adjusted. The dates are provided to show time in transit. This will see if Ground shipping is a viable option. UPS does not count Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.

10% Adder

The 10% Adder is to allow for a fluctuation in package size. Our cuts of meat, particularly roasts, can vary in size. We try to select cuts as close to the ordered quantity as possible. If we are unable to stay within the 10% window you will be contacted via email and/or phone call to approve any additional charges.

This cart only authorizes charges. Your card will not be charged until your meat has been selected and your box is packed.

You will only be charged for the amount of meat packaged in your box.