Llama and Reindeer

Llama and Reindeer
Llama and reindeer June, 2022.

A shot from June, 2022 when the reindeer still had velvet on them. The faithful llama keeps and eye out.

September hay.

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Picking up second cutting 2022.
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Cutting the west field, 2022.

We are working on getting the last of the hay in, taking advantage of some beautiful late summer days.

New Cows

We got 35 new cows for max from a ranch in Montana. These cows have come from some very high scoring bulls. It was a long trailer ride but they all made it safe and sound.

4 cow elk in trailer.
4 cows in trailer. 9/10/22

Max waiting for his herd.

To increase the size and genetic diversity of our heard we are brining in some new cows to be with Max. Here here is enjoying the late summer waiting for them to arrive.

Max in the flowers
Max in the flowers. 8-26-22

Why choose antler chews for your pet?

By Rich Forrest, general manager of ElkUSA

ElkUSA is America’s Dog Antler Chew expert. Located in the Central Colorado Rocky Mountains, we are surrounded by both farmed elk and deer, and literally hundreds of wild elk and deer, all these beautiful critters are shedding thousands of pounds of antler each year. Antler is well suited for human health products, decoration or crafting furniture and, of course, making great dog chews.

Antlers come from a genus of herbivore mammals known as cervidea. Only cervids produce antler and they can come in all sizes. From tiny 5 lb. deer in equatorial jungles to giant moose weighing over 1500 pounds found in northern climates. All grow and shed antler every year. Usually only males grow antlers, however the northern-most cervids, caribou and the resultant domesticated reindeer, have antlers on the females as well. Perhaps antlers are radiators that help these furry critters survive the transition from a heavy winter coat into the humid and 24-hour oppressive heat occasionally found on the northern tundra.
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